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My OM Foundation

Be happy anywhere is My OM Foundation’s principle, that applies to anyone, at any age, in any environment and in any condition. All you need is to maintain a calm mind choosing strong healthy attitude towards life that steers to inspire you in a right-thinking mood.

Blooming flowers in the eyes, the whole world appear a beautiful garden of heaven but remember black shades in the eye, the world around you gloom and doom! Do good things in your everyday life that lead you to feel better, live better and live fuller life.

My OM Foundation aspire to help those who desire to learn, understand, think, and express for life betterment with calm but active mind, for your ideas, opinions and beliefs hold values for all the humankind. Express something for someone, situation, something, or silence where your actions speak for themselves.

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topics for your book club:

1. Who are some influential women in your life? How do you think they shaped who you are now?


2. Have you ever moved? How did you adapt to your new surroundings?


3. Describe some memories from your earliest childhood that you still vividly remember. What feelings do you have from those memories?


4. Describe some games that you played when you were little. Do you think children will enjoy playing those same games 50 years later? Why or why not? 


5. Do you remember traveling when you were little? What were your favorite and not so favorite recollections? 


6. How does it feel to visit your childhood home? Does your neighborhood still look and feel the same as you recall? What has changed? 

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