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My Photography

Be happy. Our world is amazing, full of beauty, all around us no matter where we are. We see wide vistas, surrounding things - material things or live beings at eye level, all the while capturing and storing their snapshots in our memory bank for amazingly erase in passing time or conveniently recall to our benefit or grudgingly to our nightmare.

My interest began as a child seeing amazing black and white snapshots in a local newspaper for words didn’t mean anything, but I could see thousand words at a time in a printed photo. A photo of seeing water droplets held on a leaf like sparkling diamonds or series of water pearls hanging like shiny stars spreading rainbows. I saw a hooded man standing behind a tripod, staring a smiling couple sitting on a wooden bench behind a black Ford Model T car. The result was pure magic to me. I was hooked to be a future photographer.

How wonderful it is that camera goes where our normal eye-level eyesight doesn’t see. Bring something far away closer, something closer even closer or seeing things from different perspectives, so snapshots from these perspective amazes me, even around the house, my backyard or close in our neighborhoods.

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