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My Poetry

Words of wisdom heard as a little child which calmed my little mind and made me happy. They still do through inspirational poetry. Few choice words expressed so succinctly a path out of a difficult situation was a magical potion. I bow at your feet, oh wise man on thou pedestal. You enlightened and calmed my mind with peaceful thoughts. So, I held poetry with high regard for encapsulating thoughts beautifully in words; be it in free worse, rhyming words or within strict poetic formulas. What an amazing thing our human mind is which allows a poet to embed a powerful image in words on a page for readers to reveal the image back to life delighting their mind. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a poem is worth a thousand thoughts!”

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Live life, for life is to love

Every morning I wake up
To find a new world.
I believe, tomorrow, too,
Even more exciting
For the soul of a Curious One!

Live life, for life is to love
Fly like a bird,
With a gift of wings.


So, I fly
Like a bird
All over the world,
Gather a world of knowledge.
Let wisdom be your lesson!

Curious One Days

Walking Away

From whom I love

Is it right,

Simply to walk away?


For strength I seek

One hard decision

Easy it’s not,

To simply walk away


Those who leave,

Leave memories,

May get faded,

Since they walked away


Trust your opinion,

Change later if you must,

It’s a “Circle of Life”

Just walk away


Fully laden cart

Rolled down dirt road,

Dust-cloud remains!

For it ran away


Though it might,

Time may heal,

I become what I may,

For walking away


Love to keep you,

In my memory bank

Nestled in my heart,

Because I walked away



Be happy,

Just forgive me,

As I walk away!

Mystic River View 2 copy.jpg

Mid-evening Thoughts

No gate

Enter at anytime

No apples to share 


Orchard bathing

Sooth soul of mine

No Sun rays dare


Loved one in bed

Poking no hope on wine

Your eyes bare


Foggy calm

Wet Blossoms in springtime

Hope rise, I swear

Lost in Thought

Only if I have

Lots of money

Lots of friends

Lots of time

I’ll be happy,

What more do I need?


What if …

No health

No brain

No help

No love

What would I do?


What if …

I’m blessed with …

Peaceful soul

Calm mind

Loving heart

Strength to help

Childish curiosity

What would my world be?

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