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We all have stories to tell. As we get older, we likely have more stories to tell. In fact, so did I. At the age of seventy, choosing what stories to include in a memoir was an amazing challenge for me. I had crossed many seas, traveled through several continents, and emigrated to the United States from India. I spent years as an accomplished nuclear submarine design engineer and...

The Mystic Times

“Curious One” is Bhupendra Patel’s engaging and heartwarming memoir, documenting his early childhood memories growing up in India.

During his childhood from the ages of 5 to 8, Patel moved to three different locations, and four different houses that deeply impacted his memory, which explains how he could reveal all the details so vividly for...

Mystic Neighbors

"While reading Bob's memoir, you will learn the story of a boy who loved to play childhood pranks, yet was clever and careful enough to avoid punishment.... . By the end of the book, you will gain an understanding of a curious child who grew into a wise man with a knack for noticing details - and perhaps too, you'll learn how to better access joy." - Kim Hughes 

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